Sunday Lunch – Roast Lamb and Garlic Crushed Potatoes


This recipe is probably my favourite type of Sunday roast lunch or dinner. Slow cooking a good quality shoulder of Lamb in Rosemary, Garlic and Red Wine is a delicious way to enjoy flavoursome and tender meat and it’s really simple as the gravy makes itself in the pan!

Get a good quality joint – probably 300-500g per person to allow for leftovers! Then make deep cuts in the meat to stuff whole garlic cloves (skin on is fine) and fresh rosemary sprigs throughout the joint. Drizzle with a little bit of olive oil and salt. I then roast the joint with no liquid/wine to start with in order to achieve a lovely brown colour and dark caramelised sauce. Colour equals flavour!

So heat your oven to say 220 degrees Celsius and roast for a good 20-30 mins until the joint is brown all over.


Then once the joint is brown, remove the joint from the oven (in a deep baking tray) and half cover with red wine. I used a full-flavoured Malbec but choose what suits you, a Cote du Rhone or Cabernet Sauvignon would also be good. I also add 1-2 pints of water to cover the joint by about 2/3. Then cover and seal tightly with tin foil. Then place the joint back into the oven but at a much lower temperature (around 160 degrees celsius). The joint can then be left for at least 3-4 hours at this relatively low temperature. The hard work is done!

With about an hour to go, boil some new potatoes (skin left on) until they are soft enough to squash/crush but has not turned to potato soup! Then drain and crush in a oven/baking tray and melt butter over the top. If you have goose fat use a combination of butter and goose fat. Then add rosemary sprigs and whole crushed garlic cloves generously. Bake in an oven for 45 mins to an hour at 180 degrees Celsius until golden and crispy to your liking.


You can leave the lamb in the oven and raise the temperature for the potatoes. After the potatoes have been in for 30 mins remove the lamb to rest for 20-30 mins on top of the warm oven whilst the potatoes finish browning. Turn the potatoes occasionally so that you mix up all the crispy bits and they cook evenly!


Remove the lamb from the tray and the sauce should be a rich, red wine meaty jus. Pour into a sauce pan and boil on a relatively high heat to reduce and thicken until the sauce is a thin syrup consistency like single cream.


At this point steam some green vegetables and serve on the side. The lamb will be tender so that you can shred it using a fork and a spoon! Enjoy!

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