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I have recently been to Homeslice, Franco Manca, Pizza Pilgrims, Yard Sale Pizza, Pizza Union and Pizza East and I’m here to give my verdict. Don’t shoot me!

Pizza is a personal thing. Some like a thin base, some like it thick, some like sour dough, some don’t. Some like it hot, some like it creamy, some like more toppings, and some think the base and simplicity of just a few ingredients should shine through. It has to have balance.

I am probably more a fan of a classic Italian style, thin sour dough pizza than an American thicker and richer pizza. Generally I like classic toppings, ham and wild mushrooms (maybe some truffle oil) or what I have probably gone for more times than anything else – American Hot – Pepperoni and Chillies!

Having said this, I am a huge Homeslice fan. I think they have a great thin dough base and have such interesting toppings. A favourite of mine is the goat shoulder with lettuce and a ‘sumac’ yogurt dressing  which seems to be on the menu a lot. Anyone that knows me, knows yogurt is pretty much the only ingredient I don’t like, however it works on this. It is the only time I have it other than hidden in a curry or in Greece with a Pork Souvlaki and fresh chips! The Chorizo, corn and coriander is also excellent. I like that the pizza comes in a 20″ size which is perfect for two to share and that you can have half and half. The one below is the goat shoulder and the other side is anchovy, kalamata olives and caramelised red onion. Sweet onion, salty anchovies and umami (savoury) from the black olives – this makes the pizza so balanced!


For value for money I have to give it to Franco Manca following closely by Pizza Union. Both excellent quick lunch stops mid-week. Below is the Chorizo at Franco Manca. The base is delicious. It doesn’t win the overall top spot though as I feel that they can sometimes be a bit mean on the toppings and the sauce/cheese/toppings do not usually go to the edge – which I would prefer, personally.


The winner, then, the one that I feel satisfies in all departments? Pizza Pilgrims! Classic Italian pizza toppings with a good amount of quality mozzarella and an excellent base. It’s also not just about the pizza, the starters are great such as the risotto balls and dessert you have have a nutella-stuffed dough ring if somehow you are still hungry! Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. What do you think?

Pilgrims risotto balls

Pizza pilgrims1

Pizza pilgrims2

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