Lean, Mean, High Protein Omelette


I eat omelettes a lot. For breakfast, lunch and post gym workouts. They are so versatile that you can adjust and personalise them as you wish. Add meat or fish and they are very high in protein, contain good fats and I also chuck in a load of green veg and mushrooms too. You can go more luxurious by adding wild mushrooms, parmesan and truffles/truffle oil. Being high in protein, high in veg, low in carbs as well as filling you up, they are perfect for anyone who is dieting or looking to put on lean muscle mass.

This recipe uses chorizo, onions, garlic, broccoli, spinach and mushrooms. (You can substitute chorizo for smoked salmon, mackerel, chicken, minced turkey whatever you prefer),

There are 6-7 grams of protein in an egg (depending on size) so I typically use 3-4. Your body can absorb and use around 30-45g of protein in one sitting and the rest will be wasted/processed through your kidneys. This is why it is good to spread out your daily protein intake throughout smaller meals during the day, also keeping your metabolism and blood sugar at consistent levels.

Start by just gently sweating an onion in olive, coconut or rapeseed oil until lightly brown and softened. Then add your chorizo. The nice thing about chorizo is that although it is quite high in fat, you don’t need a huge amount but the oils that come out of it as it cooks and becomes crispy will flavour the whole dish.

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Then add your broccoli (cut thinly – imagine you are prepping for a stir-fry) and cook for a couple more minutes. The broccoli will remain very slightly crunchy which I like but won’t seem raw. Then add your mushrooms and garlic which don’t take long (2-3 mins) before adding and wilting your spinach.

Season with plenty of salt and pepper and chillies if you like a bit of a kick. Whisk your eggs (organic or free range) in a bowl and then add them to the mix. Quickly stir all the ingredients into the egg so they are even and leave for a couple of minutes before placing until a grill to finish the top. Keep your eye on it as it doesn’t take long. Add some parmesan to the omelette before placing it under the grill if you like also.

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That’s it, you really can pick and choose your preferred ingredients depending on your dietary/fitness goals and meal time. Below is a breakfast omelette I made of bacon, chorizo, onion and mushroom. Enjoy.

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