Healthy Post-Gym Chicken Salad

Great for a healthy lunch or light summer dinner, I often have this as a quick post-gym meal to get a good amount of protein and vegetables in my system.


Start by oven roasting some peppers. Cut into large pieces, cover with olive oil, salt & pepper and add a few whole garlic cloves. Place in an oven for 30 mins until soft at 180 degrees C. This can be done in advance and kept in the fridge or freezer.

Brown a chicken breast in a  frying pan (per person – 2 if you are very hungry) and once cooked allow to rest. I like to have metal handle pans so I can start the chicken on the hob, and once browned cover with tin foil and place in the oven with garlic and a knob of butter which keeps the chicken moist. Once cooked allow to rest.

Find a mixing bowl and add an avocado, break up some feta cheese into little bits or cut into ‘dice’ sized squares. Add tomatoes (halved) and mixed lettuce leaves of your choosing. Then add the chicken and peppers, season with salt and pepper and dress the salad. Keep it simple – Extra Virgin Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar, just oil and lemon juice or a french vinaigrette (see Summer Salmon Salad for recipe) all work. I’ll leave that choice to you. Enjoy.


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