Flesh and Buns


Flesh and Buns just do what they do well. Soft, steamed buns filled with crispy delicious meats. Everything is crispy! Crispy squid, wings, pork, duck, even fried mackerel. That said it doesn’t leave you feeling overly unhealthy at the end. The meat and fish is clearly of a good quality and the fat is treated well, either rendered down, removed or ‘crispy’ and therefore delicious.


We went for the squid to start and then the crispy duck and pork belly for our bun fillings! Both the duck and pork managed to be sweet, tender and juicy whilst still having fantastically crispy skins. David Chang (the Ramen Godfather) would be proud! The duck came with a sour plum soy sauce and beetroot pickle which compliments and cuts through the slightly fatty nature of the duck to create a balanced explosion of flavour in your mouth. The pork accompaniment is a mustard miso sauce, (mildly tasting of a sweet mustard more than anything else and being quite sweet it could be confused for a honey and mustard sauce – but that’s not a bad thing) and pickled apple (well we all know Pork, mustard and apple go together), again to cut through the richness of the Pork.


After 2 buns each plus the squid, pork and duck we were pretty full but frankly I saw the freshly made mini doughnuts on the dessert menu and couldn’t resist giving them a go. The doughnuts come filled with a ‘black sugar custard’ which is just divine. I had no qualms with finishing off most of them. Highly recommended.

Flesh and buns is the little bro of Bone Daddies (Soho ramen joint) but there’s something I love about the comforting nature of the balance of flavours you get at F&B providing very decent meat/buns combos which keep me coming back for more!

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